In Celebration of Trees

Video clips from the Stagg tree

Here are three video clips filmed by Jake Milarch from the top of the Stagg giant sequoia.  Imagine being 200 feet high above terra firma and using one arm holding out a selfie stick to capture the experience digitally.  That’s the incredible feat that Jake is performing.

Viewing suggestion:  The clips are most amazing if viewed full screen by clicking on the square icon in the lower right of each video.  Press Escape (ESC) to exit full screen.

Here is Jake showing some of the fabulous views from the top of the Stagg tree.

In the clip below Jake is catching a cutting from Aaron Johns who is out at the end of a branch at the top of the Stagg giant sequoia.

In the clip below Jake is talking about what a day this has been harvesting clone material from the Stagg and Waterfall giant sequoias.  What an amazing view from high up in the tree while the fog is slowly rolling in!

WOW!!  Just another day’s work?  I don’t think so.  This is a top-of-the-world feeling that you are not only helping to create an archive of ancient, champion trees, but that you are doing it from 200 feet up in some of the most amazing trees on the planet.  And this one happens to be the 5th largest giant sequoia in the world by volume.  Thanks for the views and the cuttings, Jake and Aaron!

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