In Celebration of Trees

May 21

May 21, 12:00 noon.  Greetings to all new visitors to my website.  My trip is to California is just getting started.  I flew to Fresno this morning and am waiting for David Milarch and others to arrive on a 3:24 pm flight from Michigan so we can caravan from Fresno to the Camp Nelson Lodge in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where we will spend three days climbing giant sequoias in that vicinity.  More to come later.  I’m happy you were able to get on the website and look around.  – Philip

The pics below are from some trees we will see tomorrow.  To check out more photos from the first day on the mountain on the May 22 post.



10 thoughts on “May 21

  1. Alison

    Can’t wait for your superb photos to replace the placeholders! Hope your trip is off to a fine start!

  2. Alice Wachter

    thanks for the link…we’re IN , no problem…look forward to following your adventures


  3. Kerry Milarch

    Thank you for doing this, Phillip! It’s great to see the photos and love your commentary too!

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