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Eden Project

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I first learned about the Eden Project by discovering that they were a partner of David Milarch and Archangel.  The Eden Project is an educational charity in Cornwall, UK, inspired by the belief that they can work towards a better future. The money they raise goes towards their work on public and formal education, research, conservation and sustainable futures.

The more I learn about the Eden Project, the more I am impressed with their accomplishments.  Here is a 5-minute video, narrated by co-founder Tim Smit, describing how they got started and what they do.

In March 2016 a forest of coast redwood trees was planted at Eden, cloned from ancient trees in California, to help preserve this giant species for future generations.  Here is a 2-minute video of children planting a redwood forest at Eden Project using trees cloned from the ancient redwoods by Archangel..

This is the first time a ‘forest’ of coast redwoods from North America has been introduced to Europe.  Archangel co-founder David Milarch, who was present for the planting in Cornwall, UK, described the new forest as “a living library of genetics that can be utilized for our generation and for hundreds of generations into the future to rebuild and replace what we’ve damaged.”

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